A Bridge to Hope

A Bridge to Hope

Today brought an unusual experience to my doorstep. I was faced with an impossible decision that could have ended a friendship. My friend was facing a demon that many people have battled, depression. It’s a demon I’ve been helping them fight for quite some time, but today was particularly bad.

If you’ve never experienced full on depression, let me share a bit of it with you. It starts as a small whisper, chipping away at you. It lies to you saying that you’re worthless and that nobody cares about you, but these whispers sound like truth. It continues to eat away at who you are by pointing out your flaws and distracting you from your strengths. The more it persists, the more you become bound in the chains of the lies. It drags you to the depths of hopelessness until you can’t believe that it’s possible to see the light of day again.

As we reached the darkest part of this fight, I had to make a choice. On one side I could allow depression to continue weighing on my friend, hoping that they had built enough strength to overcome. The second was to get someone involved who could help where I couldn’t. The barrier to my second choice was that my friend lives in another country, and I did not have international calling on my phone. My local authorities did not give any weight to the situation when I reached out to them for help, so I contacted my phone carrier.

I told the representative that I needed to be able to make an international call with a very brief explanation of why. He recognized the urgency and quickly worked to get me in touch with authorities of the country where my friend lives. It’s worth noting that I didn’t have to pay for the service before they allowed me to make the calls!

Police and medical teams reached my friend in time to assist. I was very relieved and thankful when I found out. Relieved that my friend was safe and thankful that Metro by T-Mobile has such outstanding team members. To Bruce and your team, I’m grateful for the work you did today. Thank you.

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