Bedrock Server Outline (2020-2021)

Bedrock Server Outline (2020-2021)

As I continue to move forward with creating the Bedrock server, I keep finding a need to have something that our staff (and players) can refer to, that will help them understand the direction it is going. Starting with this outline, several posts will be released to help provide focus and direction, so that we can reach our goals.

The Big Picture

My experience with other Minecraft servers has helped me to see that efforts need to be focused on a single game mode. A central focus point for most of what BTB has been doing over the last couple of years has been a Skyblock style game mode. While the basic idea of Skyblock is initially attractive to many players, I keep finding that most people want to work cooperatively on islands, rather than independently. Based on the attraction of cooperative Skyblock combined with a large demand for PvP, I’ve chosen to pursue a blended game mode that will use elements of typical Skyblock and Faction game modes, but all-in-one.

Player’s will be able to start with their own personal island, but will also have the opportunity to create or join guilds that work together to complete Skyblock and other various guild objectives. Completing these objectives will allow each player and guild to earn “reputation”, which will be one of many competing points for guilds to pursue. Objectives will include things like mining certain amounts of ore, completing quests, and competing in mini-games.

How We’re Getting Started

Because this is such a big change from how our normal setup has been, we’ve made the decision to have all players start with a clean slate. This will ensure that no-one has an unfair starting advantage, and will allow us to implement some new features that would not be possible if we kept old player data and islands. I know that many of you will not be happy about this, but it is a necessary step for BTB to move forward and become a better server.


The current plan is for these changes to start taking place on October 1st, 2020. This gives our current players about 1 month to complete any current projects they have, while allowing our staff team to work on getting the first stages of our new server setup. To start with, I only expect to have players be capable of creating their personal island with no ability for cooperation. By mid-November, we should have a basic implementation of guilds and guild islands for cooperative play. Beyond that, we will implement things for players and guilds to do that will help them earn reputation. Part of that will include adding quests and mini-games to the server, but we don’t have a time frame for those things yet.

Under the Hood

Part of the changes being made aren’t things that will be obvious to start with. A major part of this is how our server works to provide players with a great experience. Several changes have already been made recently to provide the foundation needed, but there is a lot more to be done in the next month. During the next few months, there will be a large number of these changes being made which may be hard to notice. To help with this, we’ll post updates in our blog, Twitter, and Discord server that give a summary of what’s going on.

No Pay to Win

When the server is updated on October 1st, crates will no longer be available and crate keys will be removed from our store. Most ranks have already been removed and existing ranks modified to not allow any advantages to win scenarios. The goal here is to allow the most fair game play for all players, regardless of how much money they are willing to spend.

This doesn’t mean that BTB doesn’t need money to continue operating. Instead of paid advantages, cosmetics and privileged access are going to be offered as a way for players to show their support. You’ll be able to buy costumes and accessories in addition to our only paid rank, Arbitor. The Arbitor rank will include some special perks in server, such as nicknames, priority access during high volume, and several other features that players may find useful. For more details, check out the store listing.


Overall, there are lots of changes coming to BTB’s Bedrock Server and this is only the beginning of big changes. Over the coming months, we’ll talk about more features like friends, parties, mini-games, and events that are planned for future updates. If you have questions, feel free to join in on the chat in the Discord server and talk about your thoughts on these changes. You can also catch us on Twitter. Feedback from our community is always welcome.

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