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Sad Panda Visits BTB

We’ve come to an interesting start of a much anticipated 2021. While we had hoped that this year would bring some change and new life to BTB, we could never have anticipated the costs. On Jan 15, it was announced in our Discord servers, that all of the last year’s worth of data from our…
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Protected: Bedrock Network Operational Overview (2020 Q4)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Bedrock Server Outline (2020-2021)

As I continue to move forward with creating the Bedrock server, I keep finding a need to have something that our staff (and players) can refer to, that will help them understand the direction it is going. Starting with this outline, several posts will be released to help provide focus and direction, so that we…
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A Bridge to Hope

Today brought an unusual experience to my doorstep. I was faced with an impossible decision that could have ended a friendship. My friend was facing a demon that many people have battled, depression. It’s a demon I’ve been helping them fight for quite some time, but today was particularly bad. If you’ve never experienced full…
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Come Together

Binarians as a society, have learned to function as a collective, working towards helping one another. In the pursuit to better their lives and culture, several groups, called coteries, were created to help manage and maintain the various parts of how their society works. These coteries are intended to help manage tasks and direction while…
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Harnessing Aether

Much of the Binarian culture is built around using magic to enhance everyday life. Whether transporting goods, lighting homes, or acting as barriers, you’ll find it being used all around Cordavis. However, despite it’s frequent use, most Binarians aren’t magicians or wizards. Instead, they’ve learned to manipulate aether (the raw building blocks of magic), a…
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Welcome Home

It seems only fitting that we start our Fireside blog by introducing you to Cordavis, the home of the Binarians. We’re going to explore some of the features of this planet and how the Binarian culture has formed around life on such a strange world. Make sure to check out our Discord so you can…
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Let’s Get This Cube Rolling!

BTB has been through quite a lot of changes since its start in February 2018. From the initial conception as a Minecraft: Bedrock server, to the decision that our primary platform would be through Hytale, we’ve had to grow and learn quite a bit. In this time, we’ve continuously been stalled and inactive as we…
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Most Of Australia Is On Fire

We know this isn’t the type of content you will mostly see here at BTB, however we felt it was important to spread the word where possible about the current fires burning in Australia. Most of Australia is on fire to the point where the main states have declared “State of Disaster” or “State of…
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