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Come Together

Binarians as a society, have learned to function as a collective, working towards helping one another. In the pursuit to better their lives and culture, several groups, called coteries, were created to help manage and maintain the various parts of how their society works. These coteries are intended to help manage tasks and direction while…
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Harnessing Aether

Much of the Binarian culture is built around using magic to enhance everyday life. Whether transporting goods, lighting homes, or acting as barriers, you’ll find it being used all around Cordavis. However, despite it’s frequent use, most Binarians aren’t magicians or wizards. Instead, they’ve learned to manipulate aether (the raw building blocks of magic), a…
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Welcome Home

It seems only fitting that we start our Fireside blog by introducing you to Cordavis, the home of the Binarians. We’re going to explore some of the features of this planet and how the Binarian culture has formed around life on such a strange world. Make sure to check out our Discord so you can…
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