Come Together

Come Together

Binarians as a society, have learned to function as a collective, working towards helping one another. In the pursuit to better their lives and culture, several groups, called coteries, were created to help manage and maintain the various parts of how their society works. These coteries are intended to help manage tasks and direction while keeping a solid focus on meeting the goals of the Binarians.


As time has granted experience and knowledge to the Binarians, their thoughts and direction have changed. Part of the wisdom gained was that there needs to be a willingness to say “No” to some ideas that may be too strong or easily misguided, while saying “Yes” to projects that have strong purpose and outcome, but lack initial support. This lead to the formation of the Publicans coterie. While not the oldest coterie, it has become the most important, as its members are limited in number and are responsible for providing direction and final authority for each of the other coteries.

Mystical Shifting

The discovery of how to harness and utilize aether was undoubtedly the most significant shift in the history of the Binarians. Many people became enthralled with the potential of it, and soon the Aether Adepts coterie was created. Its members are formed from the most passionate and dedicated enthusiasts. They study aether and its uses while developing the technology that makes it possible to harness it. This change brought many enhancements to daily life while creating deep divides in the whole of society. It was the most prominent contributor to the need and creation of the Publicans and a solid reason why many Binarians found it necessary to live aether free.


Part of the ability to make good decisions is a willingness to learn from past mistakes and successes. As the Binarian culture started to shift towards heavy reliance on aether usage, there were many who felt it necessary to preserve the knowledge of how to live without aether enhancements. The Naturalist coterie was formed around this desire and maintains the knowledge and way of life that doesn’t rely on aether. This preservation includes keeping the history of Cordavis by keeping written record and storytelling through each generation.

Changing Hands

Whether a person feels it necessary to abstain from aether or immerse themselves in it, everyone has a need to exchange one thing for another. This need is commonly linked with traveling as goods need to be transported as part of changing hands. The Trade and Transit coterie helps to manage the markets and merchants of Cordavis, to ensure fair trade and distribution while playing a vital role in how transport of goods and people are handled.

Ever Watchful

While the majority of the Binarians work towards a common interest, there are some who don’t follow the direction provided by the Publicans. This, in addition to other natural dangers on Cordavis, creates a need for public defense. Rising to meet this need are the members of the Sentinel coterie, providing defense and military support wherever Binarians need it.

Want More?

We’ve only touched on the details of each coterie and how they support Binarians. In the coming weeks, we’ll go more in depth with each coterie and more of the specifics to how they work. Check out our Fireside blogs every Wednesday to be filled in on all the details of Binarian life and the universe around them. We’ll chat about it in our Discord server and you can catch some follow up discussion during Falling Fiber Fridays on Twitch!


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