Harnessing Aether

Harnessing Aether

Much of the Binarian culture is built around using magic to enhance everyday life. Whether transporting goods, lighting homes, or acting as barriers, you’ll find it being used all around Cordavis. However, despite it’s frequent use, most Binarians aren’t magicians or wizards. Instead, they’ve learned to manipulate aether (the raw building blocks of magic), a process that starts with vestigems.


Vestigems are crystals that naturally form on Cordavis. When exposed to light, these crystals act as a gateway to another dimension filled with aether, allowing aether to pass into the dimension where the vestigem exists. As this happens, the vestigem glows and emits a tone (frequently called singing) which is how miners know that they’ve found a vestigem. As they break the rock encasing the vestigem, their lights cause the vestigem to start singing. The miner will typically finish extruding the vestigem, cover it, and deliver it to the foreman over that mine.

Aether Plants

Typically, vestigems are sent directly to aether plants to be processed. In an aether plant, the vestigem is exposed to light in a controlled environment where the released aether can be captured. Some of this aether will be stored in containers while the rest is dispersed across a network of conduits that span entire skylands. Aether plants are only found on large skylands. Containers of aether are shipped to dispensaries for smaller skylands.


Once aether has been disbursed through the network or to dispensaries, Binarians use it to perform a seemingly endless number of tasks. It can be found powering transports, providing light and temperature control, and even in smaller objects such as tools and weapons. Possibly one of the greatest uses of aether is SkyNet, the protective barrier between skylands and the core of Cordavis.

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Our featured image is a point of inspiration that really helped form the idea’s around how we expect Binarians to deal with aether. The image was originally created by Andre Garcia and can be found here:

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