Let’s Get This Cube Rolling!

Let’s Get This Cube Rolling!

BTB has been through quite a lot of changes since its start in February 2018. From the initial conception as a Minecraft: Bedrock server, to the decision that our primary platform would be through Hytale, we’ve had to grow and learn quite a bit. In this time, we’ve continuously been stalled and inactive as we figured out which way we needed to go to fit our interests.

This stall out is coming to an end as we have begun to actively develop the story and concepts around the Binarian culture. Over the last several weeks, we’ve gained a great deal of movement towards delivering the story that we find our passion in. To help our community see the activity, that many cases, is behind the curtain, we’re going to start a number of activities which will help expose the culture of the Binarians.

Falling Fiber Fridays

Catch us on Twitch every Friday as we play Treasure Wars and discuss some of the details of the things that you can expect to find when exploring the universe around the Binarians. You can read more on what we’ll be doing on our Falling Fiber Fridays page.

Blog Updates

We’ll be releasing a weekly blog over the next few months on Wednesdays called Fireside. This blog will contain some information about the Binarian society, culture, and universe. On the last Tuesday of each month, we’ll be be talking about what progress we’ve made towards having playable servers online as well as other content that will be intended for our community. Look out for some opportunities to get insider info! Our first Fireside blog post will come out on Wednesday January 8, 2020 and our first Progress Update Blog will be Tuesday January 28, 2020.

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