Most Of Australia Is On Fire

Most Of Australia Is On Fire

We know this isn’t the type of content you will mostly see here at BTB, however we felt it was important to spread the word where possible about the current fires burning in Australia.

Most of Australia is on fire to the point where the main states have declared “State of Disaster” or “State of Emergency” on multiple occassions during the last few months of danger.
For a little more reference as to what this means, see this link.

For additional information concerning the extent of the fires and other issues currently within Australia we suggest reading this thread on twitter.

To summarize some information from the tweet:

  • The damage is larger than the entire country of Belgium.
  • Smoke is causing issues throughout Australia extending to New Zealand. (2000km (~1242 miles) away)
    For reference that is roughly: Miami to Boston (US) or London to St. Petersberg (EU)
  • We can assure you most of the sky in Australia is not blue and hasn’t been for a few months.
  • Half a billion animals have been killed (Including 30%+ of their Koalas)
  • 23 people are dead, this number is continuing to rise (with hundreds missing)
  • The fires in NSW alone in a line would stretch from Sydney to Afghanistan
  • Breathing the air within Australia is equivalent to that of a pack of cigarettes (even more in certain areas)
  • Canberra (Australia’s capital city) currently has worse air quality than some of the most polluted countries
  • Simply imagine the temperature of the whole of the US (Roughly the size of Australia) being 40C (105F) and these fires occurring
  • For those in the US, the fires currently are enough to form a line from: NY to LA to NY back to roughly Indiana. That is the current size of the fire in just one state/seven.

How To Help?

Importantly to, most firefighters are volunteers (not being paid).
Most of them are not even getting any government benefits either, due to not meeting work requirements, relying purely on donations for simple things we all take for granted.
Alot of homes have been destroyed, lives lost or missing and wildlife killed as well.
So please, if anyone can spare the money, there are some donation links below. Otherwise spreading the word also helps a bunch!

NSW Rural Fire Service: Here
QLD Fire And Rescue: Here
VIC Country Fire Authority: Here
SA Country Fire Service: Here

Disaster Relief: RedCrossSalvationArmy
Koala Rescue: Port Macquarie Koala HospitalKoalas In Care Inc.SA Koala Rescue
WildLife Rescue: WIRES

If you’ve chosen to simply read this far, donate or spread awareness. Thank You!
~ The BTB Staff Team

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