Sad Panda Visits BTB

Sad Panda Visits BTB

We’ve come to an interesting start of a much anticipated 2021. While we had hoped that this year would bring some change and new life to BTB, we could never have anticipated the costs. On Jan 15, it was announced in our Discord servers, that all of the last year’s worth of data from our Minecraft servers, had been lost due to an oversight in December. We sincerely regret the circumstances that led to this problem and offer our apologies to the community for the loss of what was entrusted to us. This is a problem that won’t happen again, and we are taking strong measures to ensure it.

A New Direction

We had already begun the process of developing our own, standalone game before this happened, but the announcement raised a question from some of our community members. “Will we rebuild the Minecraft servers?” After much discussion and consideration, we’ve decided to pursue an RPG/Factions type server on Minecraft Java. There are many reasons for choosing this direction, but in the end, the most important factor is the speed which we can deploy a stable and properly maintained server for our community members. In the process of creating this server, we are streaming updates on our Twitch page and in our Discord as often as possible. We are striving to stream daily but are still working on a stable stream schedule that will work for us, so keep a watch as we keep working on updates.

The Big Picture

As we get started on this new venture, we have lots of ideas about where we’d like for this to go and it’s always best to have a clear picture of your end goals before starting on a project, so here are some major focus points that we’re using to give us direction.

  • Single world server shared by huge numbers of people (10,000 – 100,000) at the same time
  • Collective Faction/Guild elements where friends can work together to accomplish goals and share the experience
  • Blended elements of RPG playstyle such as classes, skills, professions, and group objectives that require blended parties with a variety of skills
  • In-game world events, dungeons, and raids
  • Storyline driven quests that directly relate to our MMO story

Short Term Goals

Having the big picture is nice, but can be hard to swallow whole. It’s easier to break the endgame down into small steps and work up to the big plays. While we still have quite a bit of planning to do, here’s some insight into some of our goals over the next 3 months.

  • Setup a basic MC Java server
  • Setup a basic MC Java proxy
  • Move the test setups into a containerized environment
  • Setup MySQL databases
  • Evaluate starter plugins for base functions
  • Generate starting world
  • Build the initial spawn area
  • Start building an active base of alpha test players
  • Stream server updates and build awareness
  • Setup starting classes and skills

Mid Term Goals

Depending on response over the first 3 months, we’ll significantly update our plans for longer terms, but here’s a bit of what we’re looking to complete in the 6-12 month time frame.

  • Setup first starter quests
  • Start work on first dungeon and boss
  • Prepare custom items and elements
  • Make final decisions on DynMap
  • Party and Friends system
  • Integrate with the Discord Server
  • Add other content upload/stream outlets
  • Decide firmly on keeping Factions or Townships

The Bindings

Community feedback is a major driving point for this project. We’ll continue to modify our goals (long and short) as we hear back from our community. We welcome discussion on the updates we’re making and will be happy to talk about things that are important to us as well as our players. Look for more details as we post updates on progress and stream the work we’re doing on the server.

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