Welcome Home

Welcome Home

It seems only fitting that we start our Fireside blog by introducing you to Cordavis, the home of the Binarians. We’re going to explore some of the features of this planet and how the Binarian culture has formed around life on such a strange world. Make sure to check out our Discord so you can chat with the creators and help us know what you think!

Cordavis is an intriguing planet made up of land masses that float in the air, commonly referred to as skylands. Mystery and magic surround them as they don’t fall towards the core of Cordavis or drift away into space. While the Binarians have spent a great deal of time exploring their world, it seems that new skylands continue to appear, even in areas that had already been mapped out. They vary in size and shape with some large enough to be the home of many cities, while others are so small that two or three people would barely be able to stand on it. These smaller skylands are frequently given to Binarians when they start to move out on their own, typically as a reward for completing various community service projects or making a significant contribution to the society.

The center of the planet has been a point of interest for the Binarians throughout their history. Many attempts have been made to explore there, without success, as teams can’t seem to escape or survive the gravity that’s closer to the center of the planet. The combination of this problem and the fact that traveling the edge of a skyland can lead to falling off, drove the Binarians to develop SkyNet. This is a magical barrier that will transport any Binarian that passes through it, to safe locations on the nearest skyland.

SkyNet is possible because of a resource called vestigems which had once been highly abundant on Cordavis. Vestigems are crystals that act as a gateway to a dimension filled with aether (the essence of magic). While not extremely scarce, new vestigems are a highly sought after commodity. This is because their ability to pass aether through dimensions, diminishes with use. The Binarians have become aware that these precious crystals are becoming more difficult to find.

The presence of vestigems and their connection with aether, seem to be a significant part of the many mysteries of Cordavis. While research hasn’t clearly linked these things through more than just proximity of existence, many Binarians attribute the strange and mystical things they encounter, to the presence of magic on their world. This is such an important part of their culture that a great deal of effort is constantly expended into research of how vestigems and aether are connected to the place that Binarians call home.

We’ll dive deeper into the things Binarians have discovered about vestigems, aether, and how they are connected to Cordavis in future Fireside blogs. Join our Discord to be first in line to get new info on the Binarians and what BTB is doing to get our servers ready for the community. Didn’t get enough today? Check out Falling Fiber Fridays for a bit of Q&A on this week’s topic (and maybe some missing tidbits!)

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